This part is tough. Thinking, searching, drawing and not knowing how to ask about the thing you would like to solve. Nothing is really done but… This is the first time when I’m really going to build a full version of the van. The first one was just a sleeping system and second one just kitchen box. So it seems to be pretty serious and expensive.

This is already the second version in Caddy. A kind of working a kind of not…

I’ve found three tough things during the planning phase. Collecting all requirements in order to make layout useful. Not knowing what kind of components you’re going to need or how to Google them in order to have some perspective about price. Scheduling in order to not forget something and make it done efficiently.

So how might we turn an ordinary VW T5 into a four-wheel home on ways to get lost and still have a daily car?

I was considering three basic setups – daily, camping & sleeping. The daily car should be fine for 4 or 5 passengers with the ability to access storage system and not having a hard time to remove the bed, kitchen, etc. The camping and sleeping setup is right now considered for 2 passengers but rails for the second row of seating should make it easier to extend.

Things are going to change no matter what you planned right now.

The layout is done somehow. Now is time for electricity and isolation but about that next time.